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The nutrition and muscle type is influenced by your genetic predispositions. Thus, each person has his personal predisposition for training and metabolizing food. So that you too can own your own DNA manual, we determine the mybody sport and metabolism types* with the MY VITALITY.

The DNA analysis includes:

R DNA test kit for home use (saliva sample)
R Analysis of more than 100 gene segments
R 32 analysis reports in 6 chapters (160 pages)
R Certified laboratory analysis of the saliva sample
R Analysis of more than 1000 foods

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Your diet without yoyo effect

Nutrition in general have different effects from person to person. Means: depending on the goal and genetic predisposition, the same diet, does NOT lead to the same result. Therefore, many diets simply do not lead to the desired result, because the genetic condition is not right.

So is also in the supply of micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals and trace elements, have a key role in your well-being. So they are necessary for the functioning of your organism. They not only improve your well-being, but also act preventively to strengthen your immune system. The daily requirement is influenced by numerous factors, including genetic predisposition / DNA.

Sport & Fitness can be so simple

Every person is unique and it plays an important role for your body when it comes to burning fat and losing weight or increasing physical performance. Another well-known phenomenon is that one is better at running, sprinting and endurance training and the other is more powerfully built and stronger, as well as simply having more power by nature.

Your genetic predisposition also influences your physical regeneration ability, muscular injury risk, and the buildup and breakdown of fatty tissue.

Why is that? There are different types of muscles that we inherit from our parents. Depending on which muscle type is inherited, the person has the individual ability for the most diverse sports. So find out your mybody sport & fitness type based on your genetic makeup to define your personal training yourself.


It’s that simple!

Step 1

Choose your analysis today and get your home DNA test kit.

Step 2

Send your saliva sample back to us and your saliva sample will be analyzed in the laboratory.

Step 3

Receive your DNA analysis report within 3-5 weeks, in PDF or book form.


Simple & easy to understand

We realize that the topic of DNA analysis may still be new to you and that you are not quite sure what to expect.

Therefore, we have compiled a short insight into the sample evaluation of the INFINITY DNA analysis over different chapters for you.


Everyone is different & has their own goals


Get a 28-day diet plan and 60 personalized cooking recipes

Foods and recipes to match your nutrition type. Nutrigenetic predispositions play an important role in micro- and macronutrient digestion and consequently influence the nutrient requirements of each dietary type.

Eat consciously, save time and have the perfect solution for your right nutrition

Your time savings

We provide you with all the information you need to prepare a delicious breakfast or lunch and dinner. So you save time at the supermarket!

Your money saving

We offer you a large pre-selection of individual recipes and so that you can eat only what is good for your body.

Less food waste

You only buy the ingredients that you really need. Your precise shopping is therefore not only easy on your wallet, but also reduces food waste.